Benjamin Nathan-Serio WAS BORN in New York University Medical Center on a Tuesday morning at the end of 1981.

His parents had met a couple years earlier on the picket-line of a Women's Garment Union Strike an hour outside of Woodstock, NY. Keeping true to the 'crunchy granola' undertones of their fateful encounter they instilled Benjamin with bold idealism, a sense of equity and lots and lots of love.

Equipped with these hippie-esque values combined with a need to connect to and communicate with his world, he and those around him immediately realized that performance was this boy's destiny.

At 12 HE DEBUTED in professional theater;  a dinner theater murder mystery set in a Castle. Two years later he joined forces with the politically charged Bread and Puppet Theater. With his thespian foundations lain as the cornerstone of his future, Ben's place in this world was forged; he was an actor.

GROWING UP, Benjamin was exposed to an international parade of study-abroad/exchange students and vagabonds as house guests. By 18, Benjamin recognized that he could only hope to appreciate his role in the human existence through a discovery of the world around him on a global scale. By the age of 25, after traversing the American Continent from south to north and western Europe from east to west, he graduating CUNY's Hunter College with a B.A. in Theater.

In 2006, after three years of practicing Drama Therapy in some of New York's meanest neighborhoods with ENACT, as well as a brief encounter with Agosto Boal and his "Theatre of the Oppressed", it occurred to this dreamer that before saving the world, one must first save themself. He found the idyllic place to do this: the shores of the Mediterranean in the buzzing, bohemian Barcelona. In early 2013 Benjamin moved to Madrid in order to deepen his involvement in the world of on-screen fiction. Sunsequently he founded Madrid's only English langugage improv group, MAD Improv

More than 30 years after his debut performance in the lost upstate New York Castle he continues to entertain around the world through any and all accessible media.

This site is an effort at consolidating Benjamin's work into one virtual world of entertainment, communication and creativity.


If you are interested, Inspired or just have questions, go ahead and drop Benjamin a line!