Chapter Next: MADRID, here's to globalization

by Benjamin Nathan-Serio

The saga that is my career continues. My breakneck thrust into international television (see The Avatars) has me relocated, at least semi-perminently to Madrid. As the Spanish say it, "Madrith-capitál".

The smoke cleared over a month ago. The last shot of the series, ceremoniously ended with- "CORTA, Lo tenemos! (CUT- We have it)" on the 27th of August. Swept-up in the departure of my co-stars, back to their respective United States, I too flew back to the homeland to visit family and friends. This was a wise move, as the stillness which followed here in Madrid was potent enough to bring tears to a kid at Christmas.

My whirlwind tour of the US: Queens, Manhattan, Long Island, Albany, Stephentown, Brooklyn, San Francisco, Manhattan, JFK and... Madrid, was just the destraction I needed to decompress. The anchor that are my family and friends strenthened my core and prepared me for the stillness that somewhat remained back here in Madrid.

But the momentum here seems to be picking up. The "nibbles" come in daily in the form of inquisitive phone calls. It's the typical: "Are you free next Tuesday? Okay we'll get back to you if the client likes your voice" or "Hey we've got this project for this hotel. We really, really like your work, can you come to the middle of no-where for €75/day" Welcome back to Spain. Welcome back to the actor's life.

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 1.37.56 PM.png

Still, there's no other occupation I'd rather be in.  When the work does come in and I situate myself at that creative helm, enter the zone of the audio-visual interpreter and make believe so that my audience will believe with me, there's no other place I'd rather be. And when I say place, I mean mentally.

Let's see how this place panders out, geographically.

Here's to globalization: Madrith

I'm confident.