A Career Landmark

by Benjamin Nathan-Serio

This past week of the 10th of March, was my first of shooting in a project that will undoubtedly be a landmark in my career.

The project is a television series for young English language audiences around the world. The production is an Italian/Spanish collaboration and will be shot entirely in Madrid, principally with American actors. My part assumes a great deal of protagonism, making appearances in every single episode of the two seasons which we are shooting from now, through the summer.

Beyond this, I am bound by contract against publishing much more information. I will certainly share updates here as they develop and as I am permitted.

In these past few weeks of pre-production, rehearsals and shooting, I am excited to see that the entire team is extremely professional, talented, focused and dedicated to the project. We're working hard and having fun.

If this keeps up, we're geared-up for a successful product. stay tuned for more...