I've stopped drinking my coffee with milk

by Benjamin Nathan-Serio

This is a true story:


I usually drink my coffee with a fair amount of milk and sugar. I know that I'm not the most lactose tolerant person, but the milk gives your coffee that wholesome, comfortable touch. Sure, it added was just another addition to all the other non soluble breakfast items (seeds, fiber flakes, fruit, etc) and made for a terrific source of all sorts of gas. But it was cozy, and so I drank it.

The trouble is, so do my flat-mates. They drink LOTS of milk and most frequently my** milk!

A medical piece of information here, pertinent to this narrative, is that whenever I get a blood test, the results always have a red-flag next to me calcium levels. Evidently this can potentially be a thyroid problem, though further explorations always leave the docs appeased. This over-production of calcium is apparently genetic as my mom and uncle also have high Calcium levels.

PART II: WHEN LIFE HANDS YOU LEMONS MAKE LEMON-AID (without milk as milk and citrus are a tough mix).

Recently I had an epiphany: Stop drinking milk in my coffee.

And this is where I'm at to date. It's going well.

-My reduction in insolubles has made for much less "disruptive" mornings.

-I'm saving the pennies on not supplying my roommates café con leche.

-I imagine/hope my calcium levels are at least approaching normal levels.


COFFEE is possible without milk. Sure, it took a good 7 days to adjust and slowly wean myself off the creamy liquid. And yea, I put sugar in my coffee, (a teaspoon and a half). I'm not saying that others should choose this path. I have nothing against the Milk board association or whoever funded that wonderfully successful "Got Milk" campaign back in the lat 90's. I'm not against milk in any way. I still consume cheese and yogurt with a vengeance. It's just that life without it in my coffee has become a lot easier.

One addendum here: I live in Spain where the coffee is made with either an Italian espresso maker, an at-home coffee press or a proper, mother-of-a-coffee-machine which costs more then all the junk in your garage. This as opposed to the traditional North American small bucket of dirty water. In short, one doesn't need to conceal the flavor of the caffeinated liquid in order to consume it.