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Yes, sadly The Barcelona Time Detectives Tour is CURRENTLY SUSPENDED :( BUT, we're running a similar tour not to far across the peninsula; in Madrid! It's called 'The Lombardi Case: Asesinato en la Movida' and it's gotten rave reviews from New York City to Europe.

Is it a tour? Is it a game? Is it theater? It's all of these things and more: Th Lombardi Case: Asesinato en la Movida, transports you to 1980's Madrid in the role of detective. The Ambassador's daughter is murdered in a drug-infested squat in Madrid's center. The papers go wild over the sensational crime. You become a rookie cop in this interactive murder mystery canvasing the neighborhood to get to the bottom of the case before the commissioner replaces the chief and you're out of a job. You'll encounter the neighborhood's junkies, hookers & corrupt cops.

The Case:



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“I just experienced the ‘Lombardi Case 1975’ and it was AWESOME! My girlfriends and I had a wonderful time, and we met some cool people. This is family friendly/date friendly theater.”

Maggi G.

SO MUCH FUN! It was a unique, engaging experience with very talented actors that really got us thinking, talking, and laughing. Even my skeptical husband had an awesome time and I overheard him recommending it to his friends.”





A general Background of the professional trajectory of the Actor, Benjamin Nathan-Serio as well as some of his featured collaborations.

ABOUT BENJAMIN                                                                                 

Benjamin produced and starred in this slice of life tale of Jack Carroll, a hockey virtuoso on the verge of his 'tomorrow'.

Originally from New York Benjamin has performed all over the world. His lifeblood is challenging, entertaining and connecting to audiences across all medium. Currently he is based in Los Angles, California and works in both English and Spanish. 

HIS PROFESSIONAL TRAJECTORY has brought him into contact with countless stages, medium and characters. From Los Angles to Asuncion and from New York to Sofia. To date he has collaborated with Benicio del Toro, Sigourney Weaver, Cillian Murphy, Tom Sizemore, Kate Mara, Elizabeth Olsen, Dani Rovira, Imanol Arias, Manuel Huerga, Daniel Claparsoro, Oscar Aibar, Natalia Tena, Agosto Boal, Maria Molins, Assumpta Serna, Mikail Efremov, Pere Ponce and so many others.

BENJAMIN'S RECENT CREDITS of note include co-starring regular roles on the internationally syndicated and Disney produced series "The Avatars" as well as the BBC series "The Refugees". He's also appeared in the USA produced web miniseries "Covert Affairs: Sights Unseen". His voice can be heard in the feature animated films "Ozzy (Disney)" and "Snowflake the White Gorilla". In animated serials, Benjamin is very prolific adding his voices to over a dozen characters in series like "Mutant Busters" (available on Netflix), the international hit "Sendokai Champions" as well as "Four and a Half Friends", "Loopdidoo", "Calico Electronico" and the Catalan comic hit, "Arroz Covat".

TODAY he is working to evolve the idea of audience in both live and digital mediums with the think tank "The Interactive Deep Dive," in Austin, Texas. Back in Europe, he works principally between Madrid and Barcelona in Spain's two leading Improvised theater troups, BIG and MAD Improv, as well as the voice circuit (dubbing and voice overs) He can also be seen on any of the numerous Spanish television serials and movies. Benjamin has a valid US passport, an EU work permit and is passionate about working in all corners of the globe.


Benjamin's early FORMATIVE YEARS were focused on stage-acting, voice and movement in programs at SUNY AlbanyPark Playhouse and The Young Actor's Guild in upstate New York. Other early experiences included forés into the activist Bread and Puppet Theater in Vermont and YMCA camp Becket's drama program in the Berkshire mountains of Massachusetts.

At twelve years of age, Benjamin landed his FIRST PAYED GIG in a murder mystery, dinner theater in Beardslee Castle in upstate New York.

In HIGH SCHOOL he was heavily involved in his school's drama program where he became intimate with musical theater, performing in six major productions. As a result he joined the professional community repertoire company (Park Playhouse), performing and staring in various musicals. It was here, in the midst of the magic of musical theater that Benjamin had the first of his epiphanies which assured him of his path. His was a life for the performing arts.

His UNIVERSITY DEGREE, a Bachelors of the Arts in Theater at CUNY's Hunter College ('04) saw Benjamin focus on contemporary theater including activist/street and avant garde theater. His secondary focus (minor) in film ignited his passion for the medium and continues today. **This year he completed his first feature film: In the Box (Actor/producer) to be released in mid 2016.

His first years AFTER UNIVERSITY featured a chapter full of experiences on (and off) 'the great white way'. Guided, mentored and coached by the New York City theater fixture, Duane Mazy (Executive Director of The Actors and Poets Group Inc.) and Carlo D'Amore (creator and owner of Live InTheater) he began his commercial career with Wilhelmina Talent in New York. He joined the ranks of the 13th St. Theater Repertory Company collaborating with its founder, the legendary Edith O'Hara. He found a home and family dedicated to psychodrama with emotionally and economically challenged populations in New York's toughest neighborhoods with ENACT through which he directed a performance at the famous Apollo Theater in Harlem.

IN 2006 Benjamin made a MOVE TO BARCELONA in search of new challenges and lessons.  After three years of English language theater for young people and crossing countless Iberian Stages from Barcelona to Madrid and Valencia to the Basque Country he left IPA and began his freelance career.

TODAY when Benjamin is not shooting, rehearsing, auditioning, recording or producing he is shaping and flexing his theatrical muscle through his leadership in Spain's leading Improv troops, BIG of Barcelona and MAD Improv in Madrid.

Click here to check out some other of Benjamin’s other collaborations and iniciatives.

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here to download Benjamin's CV (Résumé) 




Benjamin Nathan-Serio WAS BORN in New York University Medical Center on a Tuesday morning at the end of 1981.

His parents had met a couple years earlier on the picket-line of a Women's Garment Union Strike an hour outside of Woodstock, NY. Keeping true to the 'crunchy granola' undertones of their fateful encounter they instilled Benjamin with bold idealism, a sense of equity and lots and lots of love.

Equipped with these hippie-esque values combined with a need to connect to and communicate with his world, he and those around him immediately realized that performance was this boy's destiny.

At 12 HE DEBUTED in professional theater;  a dinner theater murder mystery set in a Castle. Two years later he joined forces with the politically charged Bread and Puppet Theater. With his thespian foundations lain as the cornerstone of his future, Ben's place in this world was forged; he was an actor.

GROWING UP, Benjamin was exposed to an international parade of study-abroad/exchange students and vagabonds as house guests. By 18, Benjamin recognized that he could only hope to appreciate his role in the human existence through a discovery of the world around him on a global scale. By the age of 25, after traversing the American Continent from south to north and western Europe from east to west, he graduating CUNY's Hunter College with a B.A. in Theater.

In 2006, after three years of practicing Drama Therapy in some of New York's meanest neighborhoods with ENACT, as well as a brief encounter with Agosto Boal and his "Theatre of the Oppressed", it occurred to this dreamer that before saving the world, one must first save themself. He found the idyllic place to do this: the shores of the Mediterranean in the buzzing, bohemian Barcelona. In early 2013 Benjamin moved to Madrid in order to deepen his involvement in the world of on-screen fiction. Sunsequently he founded Madrid's only English langugage improv group, MAD Improv

More than 30 years after his debut performance in the lost upstate New York Castle he continues to entertain around the world through any and all accessible media.

This site is an effort at consolidating Benjamin's work into one virtual world of entertainment, communication and creativity.


If you are interested, Inspired or just have questions, go ahead and drop Benjamin a line!



Statement of Reason

On this page, the actor Benjamin Nathan-Serio describes why he became an actor, and why he has determinedly pursued this career since he was knee-high to a grasshopper.

Spectical and ceremony are societal norms across all cultures of the human race.

Acting is not  just his passion. It is his life. 


My father, a social worker with The Department of Housing and Community Renewal in the state of New York where he devoted all of his adult life in order to provide for his family, always told me that "it will be the artists that save the world".

The performing arts is a place of communication. It's a human medium which does not exist without a performer and a witness: the audience.  

In creating spectacle (theatrical, audio, visual or any combination therein) I want to communicate a little bit of myself, my experiences my reality and my fantasies and dreams with my audience. I hope to give the observer pause, to make people reconsider what they thought was true, what they thought was reality.

I think of myself as a realistic idealist. I can be cynical with the worst of them and then suddenly a whimsical dreamer. While I don't think that the world can ever be "saved" in the preterite-perfect tense. I know (and have experienced) moments of salvation. Most of these moments have been achieved through some version of human creativity.

My mission is to promote and create opportunities- moments like these for everyone that I touch.

My aim is to work towards my father's projection. 

Long live art. Long live humanity.

-Benjamin Nathan-Serio

November 2012. Barcelona, Spain


Here are links and articles of recent projects which have landed the actor, Benjamin Nathan-Serio in the press. 


BBC & Atresmedia collaboration. Coming Channel 6, LA SEXTA in the Fall

BBC & Atresmedia collaboration. Coming Channel 6, LA SEXTA in the Fall

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