A pop-up research lab for next-gen leaders of applied interactive story

The Interactive Deep Dive brings together a team of 10 artist/researchers in Austin, Texas from August 2017 through April 2018 to conduct training, research, and development in the field of interactive story. Programming includes monthly playtests, bi-monthly industry meetups, and culminates with a national showcase.


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Lookin' for the Nite

Yet another collaboration with the award winning Parisian Director Gregory Hervelín. This time Benjamin lent his voice talent to a completely original and exciting project, a combination between extended music video and post-modern rock musical! Lookin' for the night was composed buy Gaël Barbieri and will be debuted at the Paris Philharmonic with live music on the 22 November 2015.

IN THE BOX is a feature-length, Independent film co-produced and starring Benjamin. The film follows two students at the end of their University experience. It examines their rejection and fear of leaving the safety of youth and institution behind, the prospect of assimilating to their world and the inevitable beginning of their future as adults.

The film is situated entirely in the greater New York Metropolitan area. It was shot in France, Spain and Andorra, with an international crew and cast and directed by the French couple Gregory Hervelin and Aurelíe Herrou.

IN THE BOX is slated for a Spring 2016 release.

Julie is a 26 year old Librarian living in Barcelona. She is trying to cope with the progressive world as it changes from under her feet. With a passion for pages and the way they turn she is determined to keep the library and its long dynasty as a social hub alive. What could possibly stand in her way?

Joining Julie in her paperback plight are other odd bodies, Jackie a postman with no bag, The Noun Doctor and Trevor the man who pioneered the mouse mat.

Watch the gang as they search for the way to be liked in real life and not just on the internet.

This is a pilot episode made with no budget. More episodes to follow.

Barcelona TV's La Ciutat dels Bestiés

Btv's exposé about the flight of Ben's dog Isé, from Paraguay to Brooklyn New York in 2005 and subsequent arrival in Barcelona in '06 where they live today.


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Time Detectives: 


Is it a tour? Is it a game? Is it theater? It's all of these things and more: Time Detectives: Barcelona takes you to the heart of this magical Mediterranean City. Escape the tourist trail and meet history's celebrities, played by professional actors. Solve the mystery and capture a thief whilst discovering Barcelona's past. This is a treasure hunt with a twist! Tours last 3 hours and are based in the centre of Barcelona.

Actors & Poets Group:

A New York City Based Non-Profit acting company whose mission is to spark interest in authors and poets by bringing their words to the stage.

Zenttric: Music Video, "Modernos que Critican a Modernos" dirigido por Laura Martinova


48 Hour Film Project 2012 "Sin Acuse de Recibo" In the Spring of 2012, over twenty cinophiles joined forces and resources and endeavored the challenge of creating an 8 minute short film within a 48 hour period.  From script creation to final cut: this is the result.




Interactive video installation

"Mobile-U is the first proposed museum exhibition to show the social dynamic generated through the use of the Mobile telephone, specifically focused on the perspective of social tendencies. It shows the day to day relationship between the citizen and the latest generation mobile devices." -- Translated from the Barcelona Culture press release

Mobile-U is an experimental interactive video installation at Gallery Santa Monica in Barcelona designed to coincide with the GSMA 2012, The worlds largest Mobile Phone conference.

The Exhibit endeavored to explore how mobile phones have changed and continue to change our everyday lives among various cross sections of the population.

ABA English: Chief producer, casting director as well as actor in the renovation of the English teaching website.


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