Yes, sadly The Barcelona Time Detectives Tour is CURRENTLY SUSPENDED :( BUT, we're running a similar tour not to far across the peninsula; in Madrid! It's called 'The Lombardi Case: Asesinato en la Movida' and it's gotten rave reviews from New York City to Europe.

Is it a tour? Is it a game? Is it theater? It's all of these things and more: Th Lombardi Case: Asesinato en la Movida, transports you to 1980's Madrid in the role of detective. The Ambassador's daughter is murdered in a drug-infested squat in Madrid's center. The papers go wild over the sensational crime. You become a rookie cop in this interactive murder mystery canvasing the neighborhood to get to the bottom of the case before the commissioner replaces the chief and you're out of a job. You'll encounter the neighborhood's junkies, hookers & corrupt cops.

The Case: